Sweeping path 22 in / 560 mm

Sweeping productivity: 35 520.9 ft²/h / 3300 ㎡/h

Réservoir d’eau propre / usée : 70 L / 70 L

Dimensions: 1265 mm (L) x 600 mm (W) x 1030 mm (H) / 49.8 in (L) x 23.6 in (W) x 40.6 in (H)

Working speed: 0-5km/h

Working hours: 4-5 h

Battery: 24 V / 100 Ah

Self weight: 476,2 lb / 216 kg

Squeegee width 31.5 in / 800 mm

Looking for a device that can significantly increase the productivity of your maintenance staff? If you have large commercial, institutional or industrial spaces, you will fall in love with the A56 electric driving scrubber. It is quiet enough not to disturb the activities of your employees, and its wide squeegee can be adjusted according to the task at hand. Finally, its perfectly safe design will make your cleaning a piece of cake!