Sweeping path 38,6 in / 980 mm

Sweeping productivity: 42194 ft²/h / 3920 m2/h

Hopper volume 13,2 gal / 50 l

Dimensions: l. 1300 x l. 1000 x h. 1050 mm

Folding dimension: l. 1300 x l. 1000 x h. 450 mm

Self weight: 44 lb / 20 kg

ARTRED walk-Behind mechanicals weepers MS50, MS50F (withdustfilter) and MS50W (withdustfilter and water spray) represent reliable and durable equipment. Theirverylowsoundlevelwill surprise youwhenused in commercial, institutional or industrial office spaces. With a 3920m2/hr cleaningcapacity, the MS50 sweeperrepresents a wisechoice to simplify the cleaning of yoursmall or medium-sizedrooms.