Sweeping path  22 in / 560 mm

Sweeping productivity: 32 291.7 ft²/h / 3000 ㎡/h

Réservoir d’eau propre / usée : 80 L / 95 L

Working speed: 0-8 km/h

Working hours: 3 h

Battery: 24 V / 100 Ah

Largeur de la raclette: 40.2 in / 1020 mm

Equaling the work force of more than 15 individuals on its own, the AR-S7 scrubber offers rugged performance at an economical price. Its control panel, its imposing squeegee and its large water tanks make it an ally of choice for deep cleaning a wide range of surfaces : shopping mall floors, walkways, parking lots, sports fields and much more. Covering approximately 3000㎡ per working hour, it will save you time and money for your commercial, institutional and industrial household. Cleaning will never be the same again!