Sweeping path 41.7 in / 1060 mm

Sweeping productivity: 69 965.4 ft²/h / 6500 ㎡/h

Réservoir d’eau propre / usée : 245 L / 260 L

Dimensions: 1500 mm (L) x 1350 mm (W) x 1380 mm (H) / 59 in (L) x 53.1 in (W) x 54.3 in (H)

Working speed: 0-10 km/h

Working hours: 6-8 h

Battery: 36 V / 200 Ah

Largeur de la raclette: 53.1 in / 1350 mm

The AS-10 electric scrubber is unquestionably the most efficient in its class. Everything about it is designed for the toughest cleaning jobs: its working speed, its long-lasting battery, its power, the width of its brushes and its squeegee, its productivity of 6500 ㎡ per hour, its huge water tanks… Even the floors of the largest industrial, institutional and commercial buildings will be clean in a flash! For deep scrubbing of large spaces, the AS-10 electric scrubber will be your best asset!